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Atelier 73 Deutsch:Über uns - Turan Dardagan

Pascale Dardagan

Curriculum vitae

1969 born in Lahr (Schwarzwald)
1987 secondary school graduation at the Günter Stöhr High School, Munich
1991 officially approved educator
employment with the children’s care centre St. Josef in Stuttgart,
work at the Kolping school in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria
1995 tutor of the Orff-group of the Maria Heimsuchung parish in Lahr-
Kuhbach, teaching flute lessons and early-age musical lessons
1997/2000 distance studies in religious education at the Catholic Academy Domschule in Würzburg
Feb/July 1999 stay abroad at Pleyber-Christ (France)
2000 opening of an art studio for creative projects in Lahr-Kuhbach
since 2001 teaching RE classes at the Gutenberg School in Lahr (school for children with special needs)

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